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  • Effective Price Per Session Rs 750
  • Number of sessions: 8

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Overview: STart your online store

When was the last time you purchased something online on Amazon or any other ecommerce website? Chances are you’ve ordered a product (or several) online in the past week. Online shopping has exploded in popularity with the growth of the internet, and businesses of all sorts are expanding into the ecommerce space.

With recent advancements in ecommerce technology, any business owner or entrepreneur can easily and quickly set up their own online store and start selling their wares.

Having an online store gives you 24/7 access to consumers all over the world who are looking for products to buy. It also allows you to better serve your existing customers by making shopping easier for them.

An online store will give you the opportunity to expand your customer base by targeting a wider, global audience and therefore increase your potential revenue.

Selling online also gives you the ability to broaden or increase your inventory, as the number of products you can sell online isn’t limited in the same way as a physical store. More products for sale in your online store mean an increase in cash flow.

Whether you have an existing brick-and-mortar store and want to expand into an online store, or you’re starting from scratch and want to set up a new online business, this course will give you the step-by-step process to follow. You’ll pick your target market and your niche and discover how to choose and source suitable products for your audience. You’ll then learn how to create an enticing product page which will turn visitors into buyers and tactics to attract potential customers to your store. By the end of the course, you’ll have a plan in place to get your store set up and start selling.

Experiential Learning Program on Entrepreneurship Skills for Teenagers. Learn to start your online store and develop business acumen.

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Tips to Set up Online Store

Learning objectives:

Who is the course 'start your online store' for?

Suitable for Teenagers or High School and Undergraduate Students

Age: 13 to 19 years

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Course Fee

  • Effective Price Per Session Rs 750
  • Number of sessions: 8

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