Refunds and Cancellation

For international programmes like Globus, there are no refunds applicable. Once you enrol for the programme, the seat is blocked and no refunds are made.

For Skillarthi integrated programmes, you can raise a refund request as below:

  • In case programme has not yet started – Raise a request minimum 10 business days before the commencement of the programme and 100% refunds will then be made.
  • In case programme/level has started – If the user opts to drop out in the middle of a particular course/level, then the pro-rata refunds on course basis will be provided for the balanced courses after deducting a minimum cost of Rs. 3,000.

In the case of class cancellation in the middle of the course by the Company, we will arrange an alternate batch/class to complete the course.

If enrolment in a class does not reach a minimum threshold, we may contact you to reschedule your child to another batch, in order to achieve a superior learning experience and group engagement.

Please note that rescheduling will be subject to the availability of seats.

The amount of refund payable shall only be limited to the amount paid by the user for services which were not rendered to the user by us. In case of refund of EMI transactions, user will be charged interest as per bank’s regulations.

We attempt to process and complete refund requests within 7 days from the time of receiving the refund request, however, in case there is any delay in refund beyond the period of 10 days, then you may notify us on [email protected]. The refund process may include a feedback call to you and validation of key information that may be required by us to process the refund request.

We reserve the right to change any fees at any time at our sole discretion and any change, update, or modification in the fee shall become effective immediately upon the same being posted/uploaded or notified on our website.