National Teen Leadership Program, USA

Skillarthi is excited to announce its first and exclusive partnership with a USA based non-profit organization - National Teen Leadership Program (NTLP).

NTLP offers leadership course for teenagers and workshops to instill important leadership, social and emotional concepts in our youth and have held programs in California, Arizona, Washington, Massachusetts and Texas. NTLP has over 27 years of proven excellence delivering youth development programs that support Social and Emotional Learning towards building Good Character and nurturing Leadership Skills in every young person and young adult so they can develop the leader within themselves to make their legacy and build a better world tomorrow!

NTLP has provided positive and inspiring three-day leadership camps, full-day workshops, and alumni activities for over 18,000 teens.

NTLP and Skillarthi comes together to make a substantial impact in the students’ learning by offering Leadership Course for Teenagers along with Communication and Mental Health courses. The key benefits of the program for the teenagers are:

  1. Improve Leadership Skills
  2. Develop Relational Skills
  3. Make a Difference
  4. Gain and Improve Confidence

For further details about NTLP, you may visit:


Fees: Leadership Course for Teenagers


  • National Teen Leadership Program -

  • Course From International Trainers
  • 1 Month Internship/Live Project
  • Certification

Meet the NTLP Team

NTLP Team Jen Louie

Jennifer Louie-Abernathy

NTLP board chairwoman

U-Wen Kok

U-Wen Kok

NTLP Vice chair &
finance committee member

NTLP Team Trenton

Trenton Hyatt

Ntlp board treasurer

NTLP Team Nil Sai Sai

Nil Sai Sai

NTLP Board Director


Sanjay Modi

NTLP Board Director

NTLP Team member Edgar

Edgar Wong-Chen

NTLP board director

Saarthi Mentor Asheligh

Ashleigh Cook

NTLP Program Manager

NTLP Team Member Azrael

Azrael Perryman

NTLP Operations Coordinator