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Mentorship OR Internship?

Mentorships and Internships both lead to a working experience before you land a college admission or a job.

Do we know which one outweighs the other?

At first, we would attempt to understand the difference. That internship is unstructured and often focuses on entry-level general work experience. Whereas mentorship provides individualized training with an experienced mentor who walks the mentee through their entire process.

The similarity is that both land you in an early work experience.

Important Disclaimer: Internships do not always include mentorship.

In a survey of nearly 200 students, they were asked about what they think companies value the most. Nearly half of them believed that experience is the most important thing that educational institutes search for, in their profiles.

So now the question is, how do candidates get enough work experience to get enrolled in the university? 

As a solution, internships and volunteer work were the only options students tried- to gain real-life work experience. 

Well, this was true until now.

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Let us dig deeper to know the difference. 


Students always bear in mind that internships provide work experience. Also, as schools make students ready for core learning, exposure to professional internships enables them to put their knowledge to use.

However, there’s a caveat: this is highly unstructured and unable to provide the required work experience that a student is seeking. While speaking to an intern at a recognized company, he said that he had experienced a vanilla internship without much learning. So he lacked the confidence to state that in an interview.

The lack of proper format of learning during internship is to be blamed. Well, we have Mentorship to cover for it. Learn career mentoring for teenagers.

Mentorships – the new Vogue!

The training with an experienced mentor, pre-conceived by the mentor to generate the required work experience in the mentee is Mentorship.

The process is quite unique. During the process, the mentee interact with industry experienced mentor and learn from his/her experience. In every step, mentors spend more time getting involved with their mentees and provide a path to tread and learn. 

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The most interesting aspect of Mentorship is that the mentors work together with mentees to accomplish tasks. Mentors evaluate them for skill sets and cultural fit while providing honest feedback.

Besides this, it is an intriguing experience for everyone; when student applicants and Mentors work together in real-time to determine mutual fit with a feed-forward, feedback loop! 

Additionally, mentorship can be provided at any stage of their career path, all the way through adolescent training.

Guided Experience is transcending towards greater fit

Everyone agrees having relevant work experience increases the chances of landing an enrolment in a university. However, it doesn’t always indicate whether or not an individual is going to be amenable, or if the individual has the right personality to succeed in an industry. 

Or, in other words, internship experience lacks the luster.

However, the way to go is through the process of Mentorship. The benefits include the gain and measure of experience. It is pre-conceived through a structured and guided program of mentorship. Secondly, the mentees begin to use all their skills while onboard, thus increasing confidence. Thirdly, while mentees learn the skills, Mentors get an inside look into their behavior and attitudes and give mentors a glimpse of what mentees can do for them. It is a win-win, as against a vanilla internship after a vanilla school-based education adding value incredibly.

With changing global scenarios, Indian students should aim to get into a mentorship program as we are offering at Skillarthi. They would end up exploiting the adversity caused by the pandemic to up-skill themselves while also securing a spot at the university graduate programs in India and abroad.

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Join Skillarthi ‘Thinking’ Mentorship Program

Skillarthi’s ‘Thinking’ Mentorship Program has been curated by industry experts along with support from educationists. The curriculum focuses on experiential learning and preparing the students to face future challenges for a bright future.

How to join the Program:

  1. Students can enrol by clicking here 
  2. Schools or educational institutes may reach out to us on [email protected] in case they are looking to:
    • incorporate the program in the curriculum
    • improvise the current curriculum and education outcomes.

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