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What is Skillarthi Mentorship Program?

The Skillarthi Mentorship Program is an initiative to help teenagers succeed in life by being a part of their journey during the most critical years of their education. Students have the opportunity to meet professionals who will shape their path through experiential learning. Mentors share their experience and offer guidance & advice to the mentee.

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Occams Advisory Inc.
SRCC, University Of delhi

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Skillarthi Mentorship Program?

Skillarthi Mentorship Program is an initiative by ‘Skillarthi Ventures Private Limited’ to help teenagers (age group 13 to 19 years) succeed in life by being a part of their journey during the most crucial years of education. Students have the opportunity to meet professionals who will shape their path through experiential learning. Mentors share their experience and offer guidance & advice to the mentee.

Why Skillarthi Mentorship Program?

We live in a world full of new opportunities, where we have the ability to make positive change in the societies in which we live:

  • It will bridge the gap between the current and future leaders of the world
  • Young people are the catalyst of change and it is important to harness the untapped potential
  • Mentoring is a bridge leading to inspiration and positive change for the individual
  • Supporting the young minds during the most important phase of their life and learning from Gen Z
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What is the duration of the Skillarthi Mentorship Program?

1 Month.

Is there any fees to apply for Skillarthi Mentorship Program?

  1. FOR SCHOOLS: There is NO fees only for shortlisted students
  2. FOR STUDENTS APPLYING DIRECTLY: Mentorship fees is INR 2,490 for 1 month programme

What will be the mode of interaction?

Both mentor and mentee determines how they want to dedicate their time (i.e. telephone conversations, online). Both should plan an interaction of approx. 1-2 hours per week basis availability and convenience of each other.

How are the mentors and mentees matched?

Every effort is made to connect students with mentors based on mentoring needs, and similar areas of interest.

What type of mentor-mentee partnership is the best?

Mentor and mentee partnership has the flexibility to create the mentoring relationship they want. Some duos may choose to interact regularly to discuss goals and plan activities. Some mentors have the opportunity to offer their mentees on the job projects, company tours, or networking opportunities. While other mentors are experts at offering academic advice and stories about their research, educational and career experiences. The duo should develop a partnership that benefits both.

Who should I contact if my mentor/mentee is not being responsive, or if I have an issue?

Please contact Skillarthi team on [email protected], anytime you have a question or concern. We are always here to help you.


Who is eligible to apply for the program?

Teenagers (age group 13-19 years)

What happens after the programme?

Upon successful completion of the mentorship program, you will have gained valuable insights for your career, new perspectives and skills. Moreover, you will most probably have gained a lifelong friend!

You will receive a program completion certificate and you will become a part of the Skillarthi community which will be a network of support to you.

What is the selection criteria?

Selection is based on multiple factors including statement of purpose (SOP), academic performance, extra-curricular activities and other parameters.

What is the time commitment involved with the program?

Mentee should make an effort to complete the projects/tasks assigned by the mentor during the week. We respect the schedule of the students and the timelines can be mutually discussed with mentor.

What are my responsibilities as a mentee?

As a mentee, you are given the once in a lifetime opportunity to meet a very successful and experienced individual who will provide you with valuable expertise and insights. You will benefit from your mentor as a role model and an independent sounding board, you will receive insights on career development as well as general advice on career and life planning to help you prepare for your future.

As a mentee you are expected to be fully engaged in the mentoring program, committed to the opportunity and respectful of the mentor’s dedication and external responsibilities, responding and communicating in timely and appropriate fashion.

How do I sign up for the mentorship program?

Process of sign up:

  • You can apply online by filling this form
  • You will be contacted by a counsellor, post screening process, who would take you through the next steps of selection which would include submission of a mandatory Statement of Purpose (SOP) and interview by an expert
  • If you are selected for the mentorship program, a counsellor would guide you through the next steps
  • You will be matched with a suitable mentor for effective learning experience
  • An interaction would be organized with the mentor to discuss the aspects of the program

Note: In case you have not been shortlisted, you can re-apply after 3 months and be a part of the mentorship program


Who is eligible to be a mentor/saarthi?

We aim to have a diverse background of mentors to maximise impact of the program for both mentor and mentee. Please feel free to apply for the program as everyone has something to offer and learn from this program.

How do I sign up for the mentorship program?

Process of sign up:

  • Complete an online mentor form here
  • You would be contacted by our expert who would discuss the profile and mentorship program in detail

What is the selection criteria?

Basis the profile of the mentor

How many students will be assigned to a mentor?

Each mentor decides how many students he/she wants to mentor.

What are my roles and responsibilities as a mentor?

A mentor acts as a coach, a role model, and a resource. As a mentor, you will have the opportunity to inspire our mentee as they face some of the most significant decisions of their lives. You will serve as a role model, and an independent sounding board, share general advice on career and life planning, provide insights on career and choices, and help to prepare mentees for future.

Although we understand and respect our mentors’ professional and personal commitments, we would expect from mentors to be responsive, committed and engaged throughout their relationship with their mentee. We leave it to the mentors and mentees’ discretion to agree upon the frequency and preferred methods of communication throughout the program.

What is the time commitment expected of a mentor?

Every mentoring relationship is different, and mentors and mentees will want to have an initial discussion about what works best for both parties regarding how often, for how long, and in what manner to keep in touch. It is best to set realistic expectations at the outset, but these will naturally evolve over time as the needs of the mentee and/or the availability of the mentor change. As with any relationship, ongoing communication is essential.

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