Be a Mentor to Teenagers and help them face the VUCA world.

Be a Mentor to the Teenagers and help them face the VUCA world

Why to be a Mentor?

Leadership Skills
Develop Coaching & Leadership Skills
Reverse Mentoring
Mould the Next Leader
Life's Legacy
Part of Life's Legacy
Build your profile
Build your Profile
Give Back to Society
Give Back to the Society

Our Mentors or Saarthis

Mentor Saarthi Sushil

Sushil Kumar

IIT Kanpur
Booth school chicago

Mentors Saarthi Abhishek

Abhishek Patodia

senior vp carwale
IIM Calcutta

Mentors Saarthi Neha

Neha Sharma

VP Analytics & Reporting
Occams Advisory Inc.
SRCC, University Of delhi


Our Experienced Mentors from:

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We intend to have a diverse background of mentors to maximise impact of the program for both mentor and mentee. Please feel free to apply for the program and our team of experts will get in touch with you.

Process of sign up:

  • Fill the online mentor form
  • You would be contacted by our expert who would discuss the profile and mentorship program in detail

Basis the profile of the mentor.

We understand the busy schedule of mentors. Each mentor is free to decide how many students he/she wants to mentor.

A mentor acts as a coach, a role model, and a resource. As a mentor, you will have the opportunity to inspire our mentee as they face some of the most significant decisions of their lives. You will serve as a role model, and an independent sounding board, share general advice on career and life planning, provide insights on career and choices, and help mentees to prepare for future.

Although we understand and respect our mentors’ professional and personal commitments, we would expect mentors to be responsive, committed and engaged throughout their relationship with their mentee.  

On an average a session between a mentor and a mentee may last for half an hour. However, we understand that every mentoring relationship is different, and mentors and mentees will want to have an initial discussion about what works best for both parties regarding how often, for how long, and in what manner to keep in touch. It is best to set realistic expectations at the outset, but these will naturally evolve over time as the needs of the mentee and/or the availability of the mentor change. 


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