If you’re a teenager, you’ve certainly thought about the future. Maybe a career in engineering, medicine, etc., doesn’t truly attract you. That sound that interesting to you. A number of people have taken the unconventional road – and made a fortune and career out of it. And by learning how to build an eCommerce store, you can do the same and live life your own way.

Can I really start an eCommerce business?

A-Z guide for building a successful eCommerce store

The short answer is, yes!

You don’t need a professional degree, a large set of skills, or even a lot of money to start an eCommerce business in India. In fact, you can build an eCommerce business and take it to success without anything to sell. That is why so many teenagers these days want to learn this precious trade. And the best part – it is going to be fun!

Here, we will take you through the simple and easy-to-follow steps for how to set up an eCommerce business in India.

How to build an eCommerce store in easy steps

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to build and set up an eCommerce store. But by knowing a few secret hacks, building a successful online business from scratch is going to be a lot easier.

After all, it is not enough to know how to build an eCommerce store – you want to take it to mainstream success. And it’s not that difficult at all. When you do that, your eCommerce business and brand name can even become a household name for many just like many others have in the recent past.

The starter pack for setting up an eCommerce business in India doesn’t include much.

  1. Have your domain name ready– There are several domain name services that allow you to purchase a domain and host it without any hassle. Just remember that the name you pick will become the name of your brand – so take your pick wisely!
  2. Choose your eCommerce platform– Popular dedicated eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce are really easy to use. Moreover, they are packed with limitless features so you can give your eCommerce store the look and feel you want. It won’t take much time until you get a good grasp of the plugins and integrations needed to add products and make transactions. In fact, you don’t even need to hire a developer – unless, of course,  you want to!
  3. The will to do something big and unique– Because after all, that’s what you are going to be doing when starting your online business from scratch.

#1 Pick an eCommerce website builder

There are 3 ways to set up your eCommerce store. Nut don’t worry – all three are easy and it is only a matter of choice what you want to opt for. 

  1. Dedicated eCommerce website platforms– Shopify and BigCommerce are great examples of dedicated eCommerce website builders. The advantage you get with them is ease of use and the expandability they offer. They are robust, as they offer built-in functionalities for secure payments, shipping, etc.
  2. Website builders with eCommerce features– If you are looking for an easy, DIY option to build an eCommerce store, then popular website builders such as Wix and Squarespace are great choices as well. They offer eCommerce features that are simple and efficient, especially if you don’t want to manage the extensive functionalities that come with dedicated eCommerce platforms.
  3. WordPress with eCommerce plugins– WordPress is one of the most popular website builders – and for a reason. The functionalities it offers are truly limitless, whether it’s designing, customizing, etc. So you can add eCommerce plugins for WordPress such as WooCommerce or even BigCommerce plugin for WordPress. These allow you to build product pages and manages sales or shipping just like any other dedicated eCommerce builder platforms.

#2 Set up your brand name and identity

Before you start selling products through your eCommerce business, you need to fix a few other things. That’s because your customers need to connect with your brand so they feel like purchasing your products.

The important thing to identify when establishing your brand is identifying your target customer base. When you know who your customers are, you will have a better idea of how to shape and present your brand. You will do this by by working on:

  1. Brand name– Find a name that’s unique and catchy, yet easy to remember. It is also crucial that it resonates with the psychology of customers you are targeting through your eCommerce store.
  2. Brand logo– Keep the logo simple and crisp. It’s vital that the logo can be presented on various forms – digital and hard copy with ease, as this is going to be helpful later. Typically, the most uniquely designed logos help in setting your brand apart from the rest.
  3. Service policy– Having a service policy is vital for the authenticity of your brand. It also simplifies any issues that might pop up once you start selling products on your eCommerce website. Make sure to establish shipping rates, return policies, etc. Doing so will help your customers trust your brand much more easily.

#3 Finally, add the products you want to be selling

A-Z guide for building a successful eCommerce store

Whether you are using a dedicated eCommerce website builder or using eCommerce plugins for WordPress, this is an easy task as well. Make sure you use presentation so your products look as appealing as they really are!

When adding products, you will need to enter certain information about your products, namely:

  1. Product images– Make sure to include multiple images, from diffrent angles. Your customers prefer to see your product clearly before they buy it from your eCommerce website.
  2. Product description– Use crisp and catchy copywriting. Explain your product and its features in an organized and convincing manner.
  3. Product SKUs– Adding the product SKU codes is important, as it helps in simplifying the shipping process when your people are coming to your eCommerce website and buying different products from it.
  4. Pricing– Include a reasonable price for your product. You can also apply permanent or short-term discount rates to your products to attract more sales!
  5. Item weight and size– Including the product’s weight and size is just as important, as this helps determine shipping rates. Whether you will be charges prices for shipping or covering the shipping charges in your product sales is entirely up to you!

How to set up an eCommerce business that succeeds

A-Z guide for building a successful eCommerce store

So now you’ve set up your eCommerce store – even added the products you want to sell.  But you want to get the store up and running.

The moment you get your first sale from your eCommerce store is a truly historic moment. When you do that, you know you have hit the stepping stone to a much larger success – whether you are a teenager who hasn’t started their career yet, or a working professional starting an online business on the side.

Our secret hacks for how to start an eCommerce business will help you getting your online business up and running from scratch.

Tips to set up an online store or eCommerce store

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