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Paulo Cohelo

Need for Career Counselling

When it comes to planning career, it’s easy to rely on the advice of friends and family, or even your own intuition, without considering getting professional advice and support. But this approach may lead to exploring a career that isn’t truly right for the student. Counselling plays a very important role in guiding students and helping them in identifying their strengths, interests and passion in order to make suitable career choices. A discussion with the experts will help in decoding the career in a more effective manner.

Every year thousands of students pass their high school and enter into the world of professional/higher studies to choose a desired career for themselves. Selecting right college is one of the toughest choices for every student after passing 12th standard. Students generally lack proper guidance regarding career choices and therefore may end up taking admission into some random popular college nearby. Skillarthi can be instrumental in terms of stream selection, career guidance and updates about the latest admission norms of various universities and colleges in India and abroad. Our dedicated team of experienced Saarthis guide the students regarding various career choices and stream selections and help them select the best suited career for themselves.

Young India is dynamic and is changing rapidly. There is an unprecedented shift in the approach and the pace at which world is moving. Our group aims to bring in the innovation and facilitate career planning of the Young India who would be further shaping the future of our country. A new dimension and approach would play a critical role in chalking out right career path.

Career Counselling Redefined

Skillarthi includes a group of experts from diverse fields with a common goal of shaping students’ career paths. Our mentors have been a part of prestigious colleges and universities like IIM, ISB, Chicago Booth School, IIT, SRCC and other top universities of the world. Our team members have diverse skillsets with a vast experience in facing the challenges of the dynamic real world and aim to facilitate students using their learnings and knowledge. We have a unique, interesting and vital blend of experts spread across various sectors and domains including:






Interaction with the experts from different domains will add a new dimension in career planning. It will help students to understand and plan their career effectively.

At Skillarthi, we believe that Career Planning is not just about finding the right destination but aiding a full-fledged journey. It’s about shaping a student’s future through active discussion and participation. We are one-step destination to find the correct career that will maximise your potential. We intend to transform the perspective of the teenagers through experiential training and counselling. Our motive is to add a valuable dimension to counselling that adds tremendous value to the student’s career planning. In the dynamic world, it is imperative to keep up with the changes and we intend to be a torch-bearer of that change by changing the way student counselling is perceived in India

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