What is a Bucket List and Why to have one?

What is a Bucket List

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small.” – Richard Branson

What is a Bucket List?

We all have unique goals and aspirations in life. They may be related to career, family, travel, learning or something else. Most of us have a bucket list in mind, just that it’s without a formal label. Bucket List, also known as Life List or Life Goals, is “a list of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime”. Simply put, it is a collection of dreams, aspirations and goals that you would like to accomplish within your lifetime.

Earlier, only the people facing imminent death compiled a bucket list but the expression has gained momentum and now the meaning is thankfully less morbid. The bucket list has now become a way to denote a list of things a person wants to accomplish before a specific event in their lives. For example, many teenagers have “high school bucket list”, “Attending a Comic Con bucket list”, “Binge Watch a Series”, “Create a Youtube Video”, “Be a CEO”.

Origin of the term ‘Bucket List’

When did the term “bucket list” become a thing?

There is some controversy over the origin of the term bucket list. But the term gained popularity in 2007 after the release of the The Bucket List movie with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. The story follows two men dying of terminal cancer who decide to live life to the fullest before “kicking the bucket.” The phrase was reportedly coined by the movie’s screenwriter, Justin Zackham, who in 1999 wrote himself a list of once-in-a-lifetime experiences called “Justin’s List of Things to Do Before I Kick the Bucket.”

But, there is also some evidence that the term was used before the film release. 

The most common explanation for the origin is from the phrase “kick the bucket” which is believed to originate sometime in the Middle Ages when execution by hanging was common and the executioner would “kick the bucket”.  The phrase, “to kick the bucket” – an idiom for dying – has been kicking around since the 1780s.

Why to have a Bucket List?

The basic thought behind having a bucket list is to keep track of your goals and to take steps to achieve these goals in order to maximize the memorable experiences in your life.

It is not just a list of your goals and dreams, but much more. It can be an inspiration to help you overcome many of your fears, give you a sense of accomplishment, make you feel incredibly alive and help you bring a change in your monotonous life. 

The monotonous life and responsibilities may get in your way of experiencing new things or even thinking about what you really want to do in life. Creating a bucket list will focus on your interests, provide a structure and motivate you to step out of the box and comfort zone. It can open your mind to new possibilities and make your dreams become a reality. 

By having your wishes noted down and referring to them regularly make those dreams more tangible. Sometimes, when goals are not recorded and easily accessible we tend to forget about them and may not be proactive. There are tons of reasons why you should have your bucket list. Few among them are:

– It gives you a vision. It makes you think about what’s important to you which helps you to make better decisions in life

– It makes you stop and think about the experiences you want to have in your life

– It is a huge Life Booster which drives you to attain your goals

– It keeps you motivated and keep reminding you to live the life to the fullest

– It gives you both hope and curiosity 

– It makes your life more exciting 

– It can become a conversation starter while interacting with your friends and general people

– It challenges you to strive hard to set and achieve tougher goals 

– You become productive and efficient 

– You start living a more meaningful and memorable life 

– You will always have things to look forward to

Some of the Bucket List items of Teenagers:

– Go on a late-night swim

– Binge Watch Entire Netflix Series

– Make ice-creams

– Learn new dance form

– Have a water balloon fight

– Go for a Sleepover or night out at a friend’s place

– Volunteer at an NGO

– Do an Internship

– Be an entrepreneur

– Get a new haircut

– Be an influencer 

– Invest in stock market

How to make a Bucket List?

Make your bucket list by considering all the things, places and experiences that excite you. What interests you? What makes your eyes light up? Steps to start building your bucket list:

  1. Dreamstorming: Combination of Dreams and Brainstorming 😀. Think big. 
  2. Goals as a Child: Think of more achievable goals. Start thinking of dreams you had as a child but never really pursued those.
  3. Ask questions to yourself. Some of the questions can be – How do you want to feel, what do you want to feel, experience, read, try, be etc. What do you want to learn, what events would you like to attend. 
  4. Talk to your closed ones
  5. Plan your list and have a timeline or deadline

Alternative terms for Bucket List:

Though Bucket List is all about living life to the fullest but you may want to create your own term for Bucket List. Some of the suggestions are: 

* Dream List

* My Big Goals

* Life’s Aspiration List

* Life Goals

* Things to Achieve in My Lifetime

* My Life’s To Do

* Things to Conquer

* The Life Plan

* My Life’s Must Dos

* Unique Experiences 

* Must Experience List in my lifetime

At Skillarthi, we encourage teenagers to have their own bucket list. We keep inspiring and motivating them to challenge themselves by stepping out of their comfort zone. Join the Teenverse of Skillarthi now and be a part of this interactive ecosystem to create your bucket list. 

Life is unpredictable.

Don’t let your dreams and goals hang. Add them to your bucket list.

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