7 Personality types to beware within your inner circle

Personality Types Beware: Skillarthi

It seems the older we get, the tighter our inner circle becomes. When life has you down, some of those you thought had your back run others…sometimes strangers surprise you and fill that empty space up. Oh, but life has a great balancing act, and when that axle turns and you are right side up again, you will definitely not be looking for any long-lost “friends” because your inner circle is battle-tested to win! ” 

– Sanjo Jendayi 

Managing your Inner Circle

It’s important to include strong personality types within your inner circle, but only if those strengths are positive ones. Negativity will ruin your inner circle and render it useless to support you and your growth. These are just a few of the negative personality traits you’d rather avoid having close to you in any way. 

1. The Ego

The ego loves to spout their own knowledge and points of view, but it’s not usually with the goal of helping others. They really just love to hear themselves talk, and they love to talk about themselves. They rarely have unique ideas but have lots of unfounded, yet loud, opinions that they can’t support, even when asked. 

2. Fanboy/Fangirl

That one person who always seems to have the dirt on everyone else and loves to chat about it? Guess what – they’re chatting about you, too, behind your back. Don’t make the mistake of indulging the gossip in their favourite past time, or you’ll find yourself the topic of conversations, too. 

3. The Gossip

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4. The Narcissist

The narcissist only cares about how others can benefit them, so if this person is part of your inner circle, run! They’ll manipulate you to get what they want, and then blame you when they don’t. They’ll only create feelings of inadequacy and guilt within you, so get rid of this one fast. 

5. The Moaner

This negative type will always see the ways an idea won’t work, but will rarely see the ways that it will. They’ll consistently point out barriers to your success. They’ll make up problems that could occur but are highly unlikely and will build up walls where there are none. 

6. The Vampire

The vampire is excellent at sucking the very life out of each and every positive idea you have. They’ll also suck your own positive energy dry, and you won’t know what hit you. Look out for emotional exhaustion after visiting with this person—it’s a sure sign that they’re an emotional vampire. 

7. The Needy

They need constant attention from you, and if they don’t get it, they become sullen and whiny. Their need for approval from you will become exhausting.

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