Inspirational Videos for Teenagers: Teenspiration

Teenspiration- Inspiring Teenagers

In a continuous effort to enhance learning experiences for teenagers, Saarthis at Skillarthi have selected inspirational videos to motivate them. 

#1 Teenspiration: Inspirational Video for Teenagers

Are you intrinsically inspired to know where you wanna be in 5 years?

Do you have goals or you are working to help others meet theirs?

Hey, why not make your own goals to find your own niche, your own greatness!

#2 Teenspiration: Inspirational Video for Teenagers

Are you being a regular teenager or you have got a plan for life?

Do you just wanna take from the universe or also give back in return?

Learn to reduce your karmic debt, by trying out being a purposeful soul. Begin with us, by finding your actual purpose of life!!

#3 Teenspiration: Inspirational Video for Teenagers

Do you have your own unique perspective?

Are you on the right track for a great life?

Why bother, lieblich? Stop searching for something valuable once you find yourself invaluable!!

#4 Teenspiration: Inspirational Video for Teenagers

Can you define beauty? If it is on a beautiful face, then how do you define a beautiful soul?

Time to revisit the totally absurd definition of beauty!!

#5 Teenspiration: Inspirational Video for Teenagers

The unexamined life is not worth living.

Just 5 questions will change you with a badge of purpose.

To embark on, let’s examine what do you love to do? Or,

What is that one thing that comes to your mind that you feel supremely qualified to teach other people? Watch to find out more…

Do you know your purpose? Read Why Knowing Your Life’s Purpose is Important?

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