Skills you need to succeed in the C-Suite in any Industry

c-suits in any industry

You must have heard about Sundar Pichai. Have you wondered what his role is in Google? He is a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Alphabet Inc. and its subsidiary Google. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple who served as company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) under its co-founder Steve Jobs. Elon Musk is a founder, CEO, and Chief Engineer at SpaceX. There are all C-Suite or C-Level in their respective companies and lead from the front. 


Irrespective of the industry, aspiring professionals have an intense desire to climb the ladder of success. For many, it is about building a career that culminates in a position within the C-Level or C-Suite of a leading company in their field. Achieving this goal requires both personal and professional growth along with the natural ability, willingness to work hard and a strong commitment to excellence in your area of work. 

What is C-Suite or C-Level?

C-Suite refers to a ‘Company’s Top Management Positions.’ It is a term used to describe high-ranking executive titles in an organisation, where ‘C’ stands for ‘Chief’ such as CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CIO (Chief Information Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer), etc.   


It is not a job. It is an achievement. These positions are typically the most powerful and influential members of the organization. These executives set the company’s strategy, make high-stake decisions and ensure seamless operations aligning with the company’s strategic goals. They are typically the highest-paid people in the company. 


Some of examples, of C-Level executive titles, are:

  • CEO: Chief Executive Officer 
  • COO: Chief Operating Officer 
  • CFO: Chief Financial Officer
  • CMO: Chief Marketing Officer
  • CIO: Chief Information Officer
  • CHRO: Chief Human Resource Officer
  • CCO: Chief Compliance Officer
  • CSO: Chief Security Officer
  • CDO: Chief Data Officer or Chief Digital Officer
  • CXO: Chief Experience Officer
  • CLO: Chief Legal Officer 
  • CTIO: Chief Technology Innovation Officer 
  • CPO: Chief Product Officer


Fortunately, the needed skills are not a secret but have been shared by successful C-Level leaders. In addition to the education and experience, some of the skills required to succeed in the C-Suite are:

  1. Leadership Skills
  2. Strategic Thinking and Foresight 
  3. Communication and Presentation Skills
  4. Decision Making 
  5. Emotional Intelligence
  6. Interpersonal Skills 
  7. Risk Assessment Skills 
  8. Change Management Skills 
  9. Ability to learn and Grow 
  10. Subject Matter Expertise 
  11. Employee Development 
  12. Delegation 
  13. Empathy
  14. Self Awareness 

How Skillarthi’s ecosystem groom Teenagers as CLO and CTOs

One can’t develop these skills overnight but starting early to develop these would go a long way to have a successful and impactful career. At Skillarthi, we understand the importance of these skills and prioritise honing these skills right from an early age. We put a special emphasis on not burdening the teenagers but inculcate these skills as part of our interactive ecosystem. The Teenverse Ecosystem of Skillarthi is “By the Teens, For the Teens and Of the Teens”. We believe that teenagers should not be burdened but should learn these skills as part of their career development journey right from an early age. After all, Career Development is not a destination but a Journey. 

We follow an exclusive C-Suite development methodology in the ecosystem which gives a safe space to teenagers to Think, Explore and Express. We Nurture them to Succeed in life through experiential learning. The ecosystem is puts tanagers right at the center by giving them a platform to:

T : Think

E : Explore

E : Express 

N : Nurture 

S : Succeed 

Our C-Level is exciting which helps teenagers embark on the journey of a C-Level in the real world. With a plethora of options available these days, it is important to groom them beyond hard skills. It is not just about scoring good marks or focusing only on studies. Even the traditional after school programs and extracurricular activities need a change. 

CLO : Chief Life Officers

Every Teenager joining the ecosystem is groomed as a CLO, Chief Life Officer. Our CLOs learn the ability of ANC or ‘Active Noise Cancellation’ in an exciting new way. They are developed as change leaders, groomed to take challenges and start thinking big and creatively. They are encouraged to carve their own path rather than following one. They start getting exposed to areas and skills that a very few focus on during their school days.

CTO : Chief Teen Officers

These are Teenagers who work with us closely to build the ecosystem and create a legacy in the long run. 

Join the Teenverse for Free and embark on a journey in this exclusive C-Suite for Teenagers. 

Skillarthi Teenverse is open to all teenagers. We welcome them to be a part and make a difference.

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