The Benefits of a Formal Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program with Skillarthi

Mentors are individuals who typically have more experience or expertise than the person they are mentoring. This could be in any type of setting, such as an academic institution, workplace, or other organization. They often take on the role voluntarily. Mentors generally offer guidance, support and advice that are beneficial to the mentee.

Why Should I Have a Mentor?

A mentor can be someone you work with, or it can be an outside professional. The benefits of having either kind of mentor are plentiful. Getting guidance and wisdom from someone who has been in your shoes is beneficial in many ways. A formal mentoring program allows mentees to find mentors on the same level they are on and provides assurance that this mentor will help the mentee improve their skillset, develop their career path, overcome challenges, or achieve personal and professional goals through regular meetings and educational feedback.

How to Find the Right Match?

  1. Finding the right person for your mentorship is about finding someone who you can relate to and share common interests with.
  2. Be open-minded! Consider someone from an industry that might be totally new to you and really expand your horizons or, if they are in the same field as you, pick somebody at a different level than you who has skills you want to learn.

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Tips for Being a Good Mentee

When you’re starting out in your career, it can be hard to find success. It’s important to network with mentors who can guide you through the process and show you what steps need to be taken next. To make the most of this opportunity, make sure that you come prepared with questions or know what aspect of your work is giving you trouble.

Actively listening, learning and taking notes during a mentorship is also key.

If you don’t understand something, ask! The mentor will not only enjoy hearing from someone who takes an interest in their work but they’ll also get a chance to teach you something new as well. And if you’re more experienced than your mentor, it might be helpful for them to hear about what others are doing in the field. A formal mentoring program has benefits for both parties involved.

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Looking to take your career to the next level? Consider enrolling in a mentorship program! You’re in luck, because there’s an easy way you can do that — start or join skillarthi’s formal mentoring program. These programs pair professionals who want to share their knowledge and experience with someone who needs to learn about their field, whether it’s related to work or not. As with any relationship, there are benefits on both sides.

Skillarthi ‘Thinking’ Mentorship Program

Skillarthi’s ‘Thinking’ Mentorship Program has been curated by industry experts along with support from educationists. The curriculum focuses on experiential learning and preparing the students to face future challenges for a bright future.

How to join the Program:

  1. Students can enroll by clicking here 
  2. Schools or educational institutes may reach out to us on [email protected] in case they are looking to:
  • incorporate the program in the curriculum
  • Improvise the current curriculum and education outcomes.

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