One-of-a-Kind Slang Dictionary for Teenagers curated by our CTO

Slang Dictionary for Teenagers curated by our CTO

I woke up to my alarm going off, I swipe it shut and turn off the airplane mode– automatically as the wifi connects I’m flooded with several GM (Good Morning) messages from my gang (Friends Group) 


It was my birthday, so everyone had already sent me hbd (Happy Birthday) messages in my DMs (Direct Messages) and in our gc (Group Chat) they were planning a hang out for it. 


Idk (I don’t know) why but I feel better than I do on normal days, soon I get a call from my bestie, and she states she has some tea.  (Drama to share) I asked her if she was deadass (Very Serious) about the info and she agreed.


After a call of two hours, we decide it was time to get dressed and meet in person, I quickly changed into the bday outfit i picked–it sure was fire (cool), and I didn’t want to appear extra (over the top) so I chose an outfit decent enough for just a regular outing. 


When I reached the cafe my friends had picked to meet up at, I was showered with all sorts of compliments. According to my best-friend, I was slaying (looking impressively beautiful) and flexing (show-off) at the same time. 

We all sat down and gossiped a bunch–ate a lot as well, and the food was delish (delicious) periodt (to show a statement is final, that there is nothing else to be said or debated.) 


After this we had decided to make our way to a mall, we decided to window-shop our way around as we were on a shoestring budget, we did buy some snacks from the food court– we also got small bottles of cold water for all 7 of us and god, cold water always hit hard after walking for a few hours. 

We had such a good time, I could barely notice that it had been evening already. It sucks that we all have to part ways and get back. Today felt like I was on cloud nine (happy and excited) since it hit 12 today but alas time passes. 

Story by Shrestha. 

About the Teen Writer ‘Shrestha’:

Shrestha is an energetic, bubbly and super-helpful teen. She is a part of the CTO (Chief Teen Officer) gang at Skillarthi and is helping us build the ecosystem – For the Teens, By the Teens and Of the Teens. She joined us as a ‘Mentee’ during our early phase and has been very instrumental in curating exciting stuff for Teenagers. 

As part of her Mentorship cum Internship projects she played a critical role in conceptualising the Teenverse, Digital Teenfest (Memes was the launch theme) and now the ‘Teen Slang Dictionary’. It’s an exciting Dictionary of Slangs where we put together slangs teenagers use during their day-to-day conversations, whatsapp chats and messages. 

We are glad to have her and other teenagers in our ecosystem who are playing a critical role in building a G.O.A.T 🐐 (Greatest of All Time) community for Teenagers 😀. We believe in one motto. If you are a teen – Gen Z or Gen Alpha , you have to be in Skillarthi’s Teenverse. 

Join the Teenverse for Free and be a part of this highly interactive ecosystem exclusively for Teenagers. Together with CTOs and CLOs Skillarthi’s Teenverse is curating awesomeness for Teenagers. 

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