Ways to Use your smart phone for networking

Smartphone networking

You just found out someone’s available to meet you for a networking meeting, and you need some quick information. Here are some tips for using your smart phone to get prepared, FAST:

Find a place to meet

If you need to suggest a place to meet, open up your favorite app to get local recommendations for a place for coffee, lunch, drinks, etc. Stay away from the bar scene for cocktails. You need a quiet place where you can hear and be heard. 

Apps to try: Find Places (Android), AroundMe (Apple), Yelp!, Where To? (Apple), and any other similar apps available in your country. 

Find directions to where you're going

You’ve figured out where you’re meeting. Now you need to find directions for getting there. Make sure you pick the most reliable route if you’re in a hurry. For instance, it may be best to take the subway rather than get caught in traffic in a large city. 

Apps to try: Google Maps, HopSpot, Google Places, or you may try any other similar apps in your country. 

Research the person you're meeting

Google is great, but when you’re on the go, it can be difficult to scroll through all those search results. However, there are a few apps that will help you do the essential research quickly. LinkedIn, in particular, is a good first source for business information about the person, and you should be able to see a picture of the person you’re meeting. 

Apps to try: LinkedIn, 123people or you may try any other similar apps in your country. 

Have your business card ready to share via email

You can just rely on sharing your physical, stock business card. Or you can be prepared with some digital options. For example, a QR code on your business card can send people to your contact page. You can also have an email-ready version of your business card and be prepared to scan the other person’s card right into your contact database. 

Apps to try: WorldCard Mobile, ScanBizCards, ScanLife: QR Code Reader or you may try any other similar apps in your country. 

Take notes on what you discussed

Use your smart phone to take quick notes during your meeting on key points you discussed, names of potential referrals, contact information, or other reminders. Some apps, like Evernote, will sync this information to all your other digital versions of the app on your computer or other devices. 

Apps to tryEver note, email (send one to yourself), Contacts Journal CRM (Apple)  or you may try any other similar apps in your country. 

The last one mentioned, Contacts Journal CRM, is actually a full-featured contact and customer relationship management app. 

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