6 Fundamental Components to build a Strong Financial Literacy Skills

Components of financial literacy

Making wise financial decisions throughout one’s lifetime is made easier with financial literacy. It also helps a person to lead a balanced, ethical, and responsible lifestyle. Gaining a solid foundation in financial literacy will help you achieve your financial goals and avoid traps that could jeo pardise your financial stability.

Here are some essential elements that help complete your knowledge and understanding as you work to increase your financial literacy.

There are six components to financial literacy

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One of the important basic aspects of finance is budgeting. Nowadays it’s very easy to create a budget with the help of websites like personalcapital.comMint.com. Through this, you could allocate and manage your money wisely in order to achieve your personal and financial goals in life. When you use these platforms correctly, they will keep you informed about when and where your money is going.

Recognize interest rates

While a mathematics course may touch on the concepts, it is important to understand different aspects, such as compound interest. Why? It can not only help you save more, but it can also mean the difference between borrowing a minimal amount and trying to pay much more than necessary for years to come.

Understanding the complexities of interest can have a greater impact on your finances than you may realise, so it’s an important concept to grasp early in life.


Saving is obviously an important part of maintaining a healthy financial situation. However, the majority of students do not place as much emphasis on this aspect as they should. Retirement is easy to overlook because it appears so far in the future.

Learning to save early in life can help you acquire the information, practise, and skill set you’ll need for the rest of your life.

Teenagers can begin working on this concept in the most basic sense, such as saving money for a higher-ticket item like Playstation (PS) or XBox Gaming Consoles. Working toward a goal is essential here, and students must know the significance of paying themselves first—because the bills will always be there. Do you have a peace of mind? That, however, requires practice, hard work, and kindness.

"Traps in the Credit" - Debt Cycle

It is much better to lose credibility than to gain it, and many students are unaware of how simple it is to destroy their credit. Or how difficult it can be to restore credit before it is too late. That is why it is critical to provide debt learning sooner rather than later.

Credit can be an extremely useful tool if used appropriately. Making hasty decisions can cost you later in life, so it’s critical to understand the concepts and tools behind responsible credit practices as soon as possible.

Theft Concerns & Security

Identity theft is more common than ever in today’s world. Your financial information is more vulnerable to fraud because everything is digital and almost everyone has shopped online at some point. Understanding this concept, along with prevention methods such as password protection and limiting the amount of information shared online, can be the difference between safe accounts and financial spoils.

While it is not a foolproof science (people can be secure and things still happen), it is critical to protect your finances as much as possible in order to avoid the threats that exist.

The number one problem in today’s generation and economy is the lack of financial literacy.

– Alan Greenspan, Former Chair of the Federal Reserve


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