What We're All About

Shaping the journey of VIDYARTHI (विद्यार्थी) to SKILLARTHI (स्क़िल्लार्थी)

Is it high time now to re-imagine and challenge the status-quo and bring in systemic changes to students’ learning?

Is it imperative to make learning globally meaningful and impactful that shapes the future of students?

Skillarthi is building an ecosystem to develop Students (Teenagers) through Experiential Learning, Skill Learning Courses, Mentorship Program, Career Counselling, Networking & Community.

We at SKILLARTHI, with the combination of expert mentors and trainers, have envisioned to improvise the education system and provide the intervention as ‘honers of skill’ to ‘up-skill who will’! 

We are on a mission to transform the way a teenager learns by building an interactive ecosystem with ‘Experiential Learning Programs’ with a Global Perspective.

We strongly believe that it has become imperative to prepare teenagers with Creative, Critical, Communicative, Collaborative skills to face the VUCA world which is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. This VUCA world challenges us to find our own way, not follow the predefined.

Skillarthi is an EdTech Startup, recognized by Government of India under their Startup India initiative.

Skillarthi About us

Best practice was yesterday. Best thinking is in demand today and tomorrow.

Who We Are

"Skill Learning is not a destination but a journey"

Do we know what Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Ma and Elon Musk have in common?

Definitely, not the letter ‘M’. It is how they used their resources and environment to amp
their game, up-work their knowledge and skill, which was incomparably ahead of their times.

We know that the 21st century is the era of technology and skills. But as the world evolves little do the parents know, as what skills will be required in the future. And knowing other challenges like, to explore yourself or find your uniqueness or your Unique Selling Proposition is not so easy.

"As the world evolves little do the parents know, as what skills will be required in the future”​

We at SKILLARTHI promise to let the ‘Unique talents’  be voiced, by taming the skills which weren’t thriving just because they were unnoticed and were in obscurity. It’s time to empower, motivate and engage our learner’s to become strong, independent, resilient and caring individuals.

While we hone you, we ensure that you aren’t carrying ‘status quo’ when you pass out school because there is little or no mentorship provided. Because, if you know what lies in future and what you want to do, it isn’t going to be a regular one! The choices and options which needed ‘your clarity’ have been done well beforehand while you’re in your secondary and higher secondary grades. You are undiscovered because your skills are still undiscovered.

“It’s time to empower, motivate and engage our learner’s to become strong, independent, resilient and caring individuals.”

We have a group of experts from diverse fields with a common goal of shaping students’ career paths. Our mentors have been a part of prestigious colleges and universities like IIM, ISB, Chicago Booth School, IIT, SRCC and other top universities of the world. Our team members have diverse skill-sets with a vast experience in facing the challenges of the dynamic real world. They aim to facilitate teenagers and students using their learnings and knowledge. We have a unique, interesting and vital blend of experts spread across various sectors and domains.

“You are undiscovered because your skills are still undiscovered.”

We are a unique group with primarily women taking the charge and leading the mission to change. Connect with ‘SKILLARTHI’ and talk about yourself, before you lose a grip on your skills, and your life. Because there are a plethora of choices and a myriad of options to spoil the taste of your life, or savour it well!

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